Twist Ear Climber Earrings

Twist Ear Climber Earrings

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Twist Ear Climber Earrings

cute and sexy wizard girl. She helps you to create a double piercing look with only 1 lobe needed 😉


  • 925 Sterling Silver, Nickel Free, Hypoallergenic.


  • A Pair of Ear Climber Earrings (2 pieces)
  • Twist Diameter: 7mm x 9mm


  • Silver: All materials are made of 925 Sterling Silver.
  • Gold: All materials are made of 18k Gold Plated over 925 Sterling Silver.


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Verified Buyer
Maria Parker
13 Mar 2024 04:52

The seller is so sweet and the earrings are perfect<3 i have doubles and i want the illusion of having triples and these work perfectly!!

Verified Buyer
Danielle Mitchell
11 Mar 2024 13:53

Once I figured out how to put these on, I lovvve them! Make sure to watch the tutorial bc it’s not as easy as it seems. They are my daily earrings now and I love them so much! Simple and classy!

Verified Buyer
Manuela Correia
1 Mar 2024 08:05

Unbelievably comfortable!! What a good purchase, love them ❤ thank you so much

Verified Buyer
林 美優
28 Feb 2024 08:31

Cute earrings, still getting used to how to fit them as they are a wee bit fiddly but I’ll get there, am pleased with them. Very well made.

Verified Buyer
Theresa Silva
24 Feb 2024 11:36

I get so many compliments on these "earrings" and people are shocked when I show them it's a single coil going through both of my earlobe piercings. I was afraid they'd get snagged on things, like my mask ear loops, but I haven't had any issues. they're super comfortable to wear and I often forget I have them in!

Verified Buyer
Florence Paquette
16 Feb 2024 06:11

Fabulous earrings, superb quality. Packaged so very nicely. Box fitted through letterbox. I did not have them gift wrapped. However, the ear rings came in a small pouch. Owner very responsive when I had a query as to how it would arrive through the post. I recommend this item and salty coconut.

Verified Buyer
池田 絵美
18 Jan 2024 08:31

Excellent quality, super comfortable. I was looking for something I could leave in and that wouldn't poke me. Threading them through the first time was tricky, but it helped to watch videos on youtube. I haven't regularly worn anything in my second ear piercing in years, so it took a couple of days to adjust. Loving them now and highly recommend them.

Verified Buyer
Madison Scott
4 Jan 2024 23:45

These are so perfect! I was nervous about how they would feel but they fit great! I hate traditional earrings but these are so comfortable!

Verified Buyer
Ashley Sullivan
1 Oct 2023 20:54

So cute - love these little spiral hoops!

Verified Buyer
Christina Williams
30 Sep 2023 15:03

A little tricky to get in my double piercings but once I got them in 100% worth it! Just had to stretch them out a tiny bit. So comfortable!

Verified Buyer
Joanna Adamczyk
23 Sep 2023 01:27

these earrings look amazing I love them 💗

Verified Buyer
Ella White
7 Sep 2023 10:45

Love this! I got the silver it fits great. I was worried they would "unwind" and slip out of my ears but so far I've had no issues with them moving unless my hair gets really tangled but even then they haven't slipped out, even when sleeping/showering. As everyone else says, there's a learning curve to getting them in but as long as you remember to twist away from your face and make sure you're using the right jewelry for the right ear, it's totally fine. Great quality and so so cute. It really does look like I have my doubles pierced!

Verified Buyer
Kathryn Reid
6 Sep 2023 15:16

I love these earrings. They are simple but unusual and very funky. Arrived promptly and nicely packaged. Thank you!

Verified Buyer
Carol Taylor
2 Sep 2023 02:20

Nice article, nice contact, good service, definitely again, thank you

Verified Buyer
Mia Byrne
1 Sep 2023 08:32

Love love love this! Had so many compliments ☺️

Verified Buyer
Martina Salvi
31 Aug 2023 08:32

.I love them they are small and cute and look good, just what I wanted

Verified Buyer
Agathe Gilbert
25 Aug 2023 22:33

I am loving the earrings. It took me a hot minute to put them in (the video was helpful) and haven’t taken them out since. I absolutely adore them!!!

Verified Buyer
Kathryn Ryan
22 Aug 2023 08:32

.Very cute! Would recommend getting the smallest size. I got the biggest hoop and it twists around all the time. Great quality!

Verified Buyer
Urszula Janik
20 Aug 2023 03:03

So cute! Took me a second to figure out how to get them in, but once I got them on the right side it made sense and was easy. I wanted to get a second hole just so I could wear two hoops and now I don't have to! They are small enough they don't bother me laying on my side

Verified Buyer
Eva van der Meulen
19 Aug 2023 12:16

I would recommend this shop to anyone. The quality of the earrings is wonderful, the only problem is that it is too small and fiddling to achieve the desired results of looping around the two piercings in my ear. I’m sure anyone without my stubby fingers will find this easier.

Verified Buyer
Barbara Andrews
16 Aug 2023 11:27

These are perfect little hoops, very good quality, quick delivery. Perfe

Verified Buyer
Sharon Williams
12 Aug 2023 21:44

These are adorable and I really like the look of having 2 earrings.

Verified Buyer
Guillemette Da silva
2 Aug 2023 02:00

Once I figured out how to put these on, I lovvve them! Make sure to watch the tutorial bc it’s not as easy as it seems. They are my daily earrings now and I love them so much! Simple and classy!

Verified Buyer
Mary Pearson
31 Jul 2023 04:52

these are great!! the only reason i haven’t made them 5 stars is bc the metal itself is a little short and you can sometimes tell it’s not two separate hoops (which is the look that i wanted). it’s also a thicker gauge than i was expecting but that’s fine!! overall a great earring :)

Verified Buyer
Michelle Boyd
22 Jul 2023 11:53

LOVE these! I recently re-pierced my second lobe piercings and couldn’t wait to get these. Much easier to put in than I was expecting and super cute! Still working on playing with them a bit to make sure they don’t spin around but in the grand scheme of things that’s no big deal and doesn’t seem to be a real issue. I was very impressed with how fast they got to me too. 10/10 highly recommend.

Verified Buyer
Kathryn Hunter
17 Jul 2023 01:49

Literally the cutest earrings ever! I’ve had them in for like 10 minutes and I am OBSESSED! And they shipped/delivered in like 3 days :)

Verified Buyer
Amy Garrett
15 Jul 2023 22:38

I got this pair awhile ago and wore them all the time! They go with basically anything. I lost one of them, so I was glad that there was an option to buy a singular earring. It shipped quickly and works great! I love these!!!!

Verified Buyer
Hannah West
10 Jul 2023 11:42

Simple and so cute! The spaces for my double piercings are perfectly! I love that it's one earring for two piercings. I haven't taken them out since they arrived!!

Verified Buyer
Serena Silvestri
8 Jul 2023 05:02

These are really lovely earrings and I am pleased with my purchase. Unfortunately, I seem to have ear lobes that are a bit too “robust” to wear these delicate little earrings, so I will be gifting them to friends with more slender lobes. 🤷🏻‍♀️Oh well

Verified Buyer
Theresa Richardson
1 Jul 2023 00:11

I love the look of these earrings. They were difficult to thread through the second piercing, but now that I have them in, they’re great. I don’t plan on taking them out for a while. I went for the smaller 7mm earring and they’re perfect. Thanks!

Verified Buyer
Grace Martinez
30 Jun 2023 09:31

It’s super cute and fits my ears really well, it did take a little playing with to figure out at first. The only thing I d is my love was the metal tips of the earrings were kind of jagged. Other than that I love them!

Verified Buyer
Evelyn Teixeira
2 Feb 2022 05:52

Great quality, lovely packaging. I have 2 piercings on the ear lobe and I absolutely love that these can go through both, I have been looking for a pair of earrings for a while that can do that. Have worn them 24/7 since I received them and will continue to do so.

Verified Buyer
Jennifer Keller
16 Dec 2021 05:39

These are my new everyday earrings. I am able to use them in both my first and second ear piercings. Love them!

Verified Buyer
Rose Wood
14 Dec 2021 12:38

Really lovely earrings. Simple design but very effective. Love them.

Verified Buyer
Rose Mendoza
13 Dec 2021 21:22

I love these earrings!! They are so cute, fit super well, and shipped extremely fast. The material has been great so far with no discoloration. Would for sure recommend to others.

Verified Buyer
Jean Beck
11 Dec 2021 06:39

They're cute and I love them. I got the gold in 8mm size and they fit my existing piercings great. The spiral itself is made of pretty thin metal -- true to what I expected (and exactly what I wanted). I basically wear them 24/7. They're kind of a pain in the ass to insert/remove so I leave them in at night, which can get kind of uncomfortable sometimes, but removing them is cumbersome. The only downsides are pretty minor: they bend a little too easily while trying to put them in, so my left ear is a bit oval-shaped now instead of circle-shaped. I also kind of wish the spiral went a little further so it the ends rested evenly on the lobes of my ear on both the front and back. As-is they tend to rotate, leaving a visible gap in the front. Like I said, super minor, and I definitely still wear them every single day.

Verified Buyer
Emma Turner
10 Dec 2021 02:20

Super cute simple every day earrings! Very easy to put in, I have the 8mm. They also came super fast!

Verified Buyer
Cynthia Walsh
9 Dec 2021 01:28

Love these earrings! We’re super easy to get in and look super cute!!

Verified Buyer
Victoria Devos
8 Dec 2021 15:01

Gorgeous earrings, very prompt delivery

Verified Buyer
Nicole Caruso
7 Dec 2021 06:04

Perfect for any size of ears. Excellent quality! You can wear them in many different ways!!👏👏

Verified Buyer
Maria Valentini
7 Dec 2021 06:04

The item was very great quality, they fit how I wanted and don’t hurt my ears, don’t tarnish, or turn my ears green. I haven’t taken them out since I got them! I got the smallest size and smallest gauge to put in my 2nd and 3rd holes and it looks so cute. The only issue is my hair gets caught in them and I sometimes have to take them partially out to get my hair out.

Verified Buyer
Samantha Soto
6 Dec 2021 23:03

Super cute!! Love how it looks, and it came in such great timing! <3

Verified Buyer
Virginia Graham
6 Dec 2021 03:07

I absolutely love these they were pretty easy to put in and I will definitely be buying another pair

Verified Buyer
Frances Smith
5 Dec 2021 13:01

Strong, sturdy wire fit comfortable through both my first and second piercings! Not as shiny of a gold finish as in the photos but still lovely and worth the price.

Verified Buyer
Ruth Watkins
5 Dec 2021 08:03

I was looking for earrings that would be comfy to sleep in so I can stop taking my earrings out at night and these are perfect! So cute and minimalistic and comfortable to wear. My only complaint is that they twist out on their own so I have to check on them like twice a day but thats not a big deal.

Verified Buyer
Femke Smets
3 Dec 2021 15:03

Look great but is a bit hard to get in!

Verified Buyer
Aline Fontaine
3 Dec 2021 10:45

Just what I was looking for. After losing multiple small hoops because they came undone, these will not fall out and are comfortable to sleep in. Also, they are surprisingly easy to put on.

Verified Buyer
Amy Newman
3 Dec 2021 09:28

Great quality- love these earrings! My earlobes are pretty small and these achieved the desired look.

Verified Buyer
Cheryl Brewer
2 Dec 2021 22:50

These are awesome!! I only have my ears pierced once and I like subtle jewelry so these are perfect. —hard to get in at first, as there is a left and right earring (I had no idea) and when I take them out, I place them accordingly in a contact case, so I know which one goes in which ear!

Verified Buyer
Marie Gonzales
2 Dec 2021 06:14

Took me a few tries to figure out exactly how to get them in, but once I did, I loved them!! Have been wanting a third hole and this helped me imitate one without having to pierce. Thank you!!

Verified Buyer
Raissa Cruz
1 Dec 2021 15:01

Love these earrings! Exactly as described/pictured. I originally ordered a size too big, and Jennifer made it super easy to exchange for a smaller size.

Verified Buyer
Віра Беленко
30 Nov 2021 07:15

So simple and so cute!

Verified Buyer
Kimberly Ortiz
26 Nov 2021 00:53

So cute! I had some difficulty figuring out how to get them in, but once I did, they looked so good! Definitely will be wearing them on a near-daily basis.

Verified Buyer
Samia Hadi
23 Nov 2021 12:02

Very sweet but smaller than I thought and actually quite fiddly to put it. I’ve had to squeeze them to get the “double piercing” look but one still slides to the edge of the earlobe. I suspect they may not work on everyone, depending on where your piercings actually sit.

Verified Buyer
חנה גולדברג
19 Nov 2021 04:29

This is my 5th purchase of these earrings for either myself or a gift! They are amazing. I get compliments everywhere I go!

Verified Buyer
הילה גל
14 Nov 2021 23:45

These are great - really comfortable and cute for everyday wearing

Verified Buyer
Zuzanna Michalak
13 Nov 2021 11:36

gorgeous, earrings. Perfect for wearing every day.

Verified Buyer
Rose Curtis
8 Nov 2021 20:54

no matter how much I try and shape/bend these, I cannot get them in my ears. 😓

Verified Buyer
Marilyn Medina
4 Nov 2021 04:20

I definitely needed to read the directions to get my twists in, but it was well worth the effort. I was sick of constantly losing one random earring or being poked in the head by the stud while I sleep. This product killed two birds with one stone.

Verified Buyer
Judith Hernandez
2 Nov 2021 07:05

I absolutely love them! I have not had them long, and my only concern is that I am an active person, and I fear they will twist out of my ears without notice. I would be sad to lose one because they are pretty cool!

Verified Buyer
Anna Andersen
20 Oct 2021 17:23

I am absolutely in love with these earrings. I haven't taken them out since I bought them, showered, slept, everything in them. They're still beautifully silver, no tarnishing, kept their shape, haven't fallen out, super comfy to wear. Stunning, I cannot sing their praise enough!

Verified Buyer
Raquel Moya
27 Sep 2021 07:58

The earrings I didn’t know I needed!! These earrings are simple but beautiful. I was previously getting bad ears from sleeping in earrings with butterfly backs on but since having these my ears are so much better and I don’t have to worry. They are a bit fiddly to get in and you have to check they haven’t spiraled but so worth it and don’t think I’ll ever go back to normal daytime earrings!

Verified Buyer
Joanna Kania
11 Sep 2021 09:50

Slightly tricky to get in but once in they’re very cute and work perfectly! Super practical and can be left in without issues.

Verified Buyer
Matilde Gonçalves
10 Sep 2021 06:16

I really wanted to love these because they're a great new take on a traditional stud. BUT I just absolutely cannot fit these in my existing holes so these are not useable for me right now.

Verified Buyer
Έλενα Μελετόπουλος
11 Aug 2021 05:40

These are really cute! Bit of a learning curve to put them on. Otherwise perfect!

Verified Buyer
Ann Collins
26 Feb 2021 05:39

Came so quick! I am in Alaska and the shipping was not delayed in the slightest. Product came just as described, packaged professionally and even has tutorials on how to wear. Put them on right away! Thank you JNY Designs!

Verified Buyer
Aurora Alonso
19 Apr 0202 13:49

These earrings are perfect! They look so cool and are comfortable enough to sleep with them in! So cute!

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